At Shinja-Kai your 1st Lesson is Free!

Shinja-Kai Karate is suitable for males and females aged 8 and above. Shinja-Kai Karate was established in 1992 by senior instructor Terry Warke, 5th Dan. Shinja-Kai translates to Assembly of believers, or devotees, so at Shinja-Kai, we are devoted to teaching karate at it's highest level as a martial art through traditional teaching methods. At Shinja-Kai, we have both male and female instructors.

There are many benefits to training at Shinja-Kai Karate:

.:: Self Discipline

Learn to control and discipline yourself, both in martial arts and in your everyday life.

.:: Fitness

In our everyday lives we often forget the value of exercise to both our physical and mental health. We help you to gain the required fitness level for your age group.

.:: Confidence

With serious practice of karate you will gain composure, clear thinking, a deeper insight into one's mental capability and self confidence.

.:: Self Defence

As you progress through the ranks of karate, you will not only learn how to defend yourself with blocks, punches, kicks, leg sweeps, wrist locks and arm locks, but also with the mental clarity to avoid trouble.

By the time you attain your black belt grading, you will have acquired a complete and well rounded self defence system.